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Double Sided Black Butyl Tape - Specialty Tapes/Agricultural Tapes - Tapes Online

Double Sided Black Butyl Tape

Regular price $59.00


  •  Aggressive Double Sided Butyl
  • 1mm thick

 An agressive Double Sided Black Butyl 1 mm in thickness and is designed to form a permanent moisture / vapour seal between two surfaces. Ensure the surfaces are clean and dry prior to application,simply remove the release Liner and apply firm pressure. Typical application include Fixing and Sealing of joints for weatherproofing in construction and civil engineering, Sealing of membranes,repairing coated Tarpaulins and joining PE Dam liners,holding and sealing sisalation in the HVAC industry,mounting of light weight Signage to textured surfaces such as rendered concrete,joining / mounting Corex and Coreflute synthetic board and Vibration isolation of audio parts.


Colour Size Thickness Price Availability
Black 100mm x 15m 1mm $59.00In stock
Black 15mm x 15M 1mm $11.18In stock
Black 24mm x 15m 1mm $17.90In stock
Black 48mm x 15m 1mm $35.90In stock

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