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Kikusui 108/Picture Framing Tapes

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Why Choose Tape for Framing Pictures?

Have you ever purchased a frame only to be faced with drilling a hole or hammering a nail into your perfectly finished walls? Avoid all the stress with durable, simple-to-use tape for framing pictures. At Tapes Online, we provide a range of picture mounting tape options to suit any need, from light frames to heavy-duty mountings.

The main advantage of using picture framing tape is preventing permanent damage to your walls when hanging your family pictures or memorabilia. Ideal for homeowners, renters, and builders alike, these tapes provide protection for your walls that cannot be achieved with other picture mounting options.

Some of the advantages of choosing tape for framing pictures include the following:

  • Sealing the back of the frame from dust, mites, and other insects
  • Helping to preserve the integrity of the wall
  • The ability to choose different strengths and weights for picture mounting
  • Simple removal
  • Low-maintenance picture framing products with a long shelf life 

When properly used, tape for framing pictures offers a straightforward and effective solution to all your picture-mounting problems.

Our Selection of Picture Framing Tape

Our range of tape for frames at Tapes Online offers customers various products that will suit any need. Items like our Acid-Free Hinging Tape and our Self-Adhesive Linen Tape boast high initial grab, easy tear construction, excellent temperature resistance and the ability to work effectively on textured or uneven surfaces. They are also conservation quality and available in a variety of lengths.

So, next time you need help hinging art and mounts, repairing frames or lining rebates, or even sealing a structure for greater preservation and protection, our team at Tapes Online is on hand to help you find the perfect tape for frames to make picture mounting a breeze.

Learn More About Our Tape for Framing at Tapes Online

At Tapes Online, we are always happy to help our customers locate suitable tape for frames. From Toupee to Foil and Safety Tapes, our experienced staff can provide you with all the relevant information you need to make an informed decision about your purchases. Simply contact us by submitting an online enquiry complete with your details or call us directly at 1300 435 191.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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