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Kikusui Brown Tape

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  • Designed for sealing the back of picture frames
  • Excellent adhesion to raw aged pine / clean pine
  • Seals out dust
  • Kraft Paper tape

This product has been specifically designed for sealing back of Picture Frames and also dust covers,packaging and edging . With excellent adhesion qualities,it is ideally suited for this application. Hand tare-able - No dispenser required.

Note well - Aged Raw Pine develops Oxidised Resin on the surface,which reduces adhesion properties. Washing the surface with alcohol simulates freshly cut and finished Pine.


Colour Size Price Availability
Brown 12mm x 50m $3.80In stock
Brown 18mm x 50m $5.20In stock
Brown 24mm x 50m $6.90In stock
Brown 36mm x 50m $10.35In stock
Brown 48mm x 50m $11.90In stock
Brown 72mm x 50m $20.70In stock

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