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Electricity is a dangerous hazard that many workers face in their roles. If you are looking to buy electric and thermal insulation tapes, then we’ve got you covered at Tapes Online. Offering a range of coloured and clear electrical tape made from high-quality PVC, our products are ideal for electric and heat insulation projects to improve safety and performance. 

To learn more about our PVC insulation and electricity tape before you buy, contact our team today at 1300 435 191. 

Why Invest in High-Quality Electrical & Thermal Insulating Tape?

While it may appear like any other kind of tape, clear electrical and insulating tape offers unique benefits that cannot be found elsewhere. 

Electrical tape refers to pressure-sensitive tape used to insulate materials that conduct electricity. Essentially, it prevents the electrical current from accidentally travelling into other wires, which could cause a hazard like a fire. It also helps to minimise the risk of electrocution. As such, this life-saving tape is essential to any health and safety kit when dealing with electrical outlets and wires. 

Unlike other options, heat insulation and electric tape are also designed to stretch, making it a manageable, user-friendly tape option. This malleable, snug fit also ensures that elements like dust and moisture cannot reach the electrical cables, preventing any damage or compromising the integrity of the wire. Its construction is also heat-resistant and fireproof, which is essential when working near flammable materials like wood. 

Our Selection of Clear Electrical Insulation Tape at Tapes Online

There are so many tangible benefits to using electric insulating tape, so there is no reason not to buy quality tapes & associated products like ours at Tapes Online. We provide a selection of colours, widths, and lengths to accommodate the needs of our clients. The variety of clear and coloured tapes proves useful for colour coding when you need to identify between thermal insulation and electrical wires, and our use of premium-grade PVC ensures that our items conform to AS 1621. 

Our products are designed for all primary electric insulation where recognised approval is required, and environmental safety is a concern. As such, we at Tapes Online continue to be Australia’s preferred supplier of heat insulation and electrical tapes, with satisfied customers across the country. Browse our selection for more quality products, including cloth, foam and foil safety tapes.  

Learn More About Our Insulating Electricity Tape Range Today

If you would like more information before you buy on how our selections of PVC thermal insulation and electrical tapes can enhance your workplace, contact us at Tapes Online today. You can submit an online enquiry via our website or call us directly at 1300 435 191.

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