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Why Buy Hook and Loop Tape?

Hook and loop tape are some of the most versatile tape designs on the market. They can be used on everything from shoe closures to materials found on space shuttles! As such, there are several benefits to investing in this kind of tape, including:

  • Lightweight designs that are easy to use for day-to-day purposes
  • Construction that is washable and durable
  • Versatility to suit a wide range of needs
  • Low-maintenance designs that can be sealed and ripped many times over without needing replacing
  • A user-friendly nature that provides smooth, stress-free experiences for customers
  • The ability to avoid the need for drilling into walls or posts for hanging objects in your business or home
  • Suitability for bundling objects together so you can keep spaces tidy and organised, for example, securely fastening the garden hose

These hook and loop tape designs are available in various materials, sizes, and colours to accommodate customer needs.

Our Selection of Single-Sided Velcro Hook and Loop Tape

At Tapes Online, we offer a wide variety of hook and loop tape, including options with single-sided Velcro for improved performance. Products like our Velcro Brand Hook and Loop tape are made for general-purpose applications, created using pressure-sensitive acrylic adhesive with superior bond strength and high-temperature performance.

Each of our high-quality items can be used for various purposes and, as such, can quickly become an essential component of your home or business’s hardware or health and safety kits.

Learn More About Our Tapes Online Range

Our products at Tapes Online are known for their exceptional quality, which is why we are Australia’s preferred supplier of tape products, including cloth, foam, foil, and safety tapes.

If you are in the market to buy Velcro hook and loop tape, contact our team today for more information. You can submit an online enquiry complete with your details or call 1300 435 191, and a member of our team will provide you with all the relevant information.

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