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Single Sided Foam Tapes

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Why Work with Adhesive Foam Tape?

Foam tape is a variation of pressure-sensitive self-adhesive tape. It can be made from several different materials and comes in different lengths, widths, thicknesses, and colours.

Single-sided foam tape is used primarily for temporary or permanent fastening, packaging, dampening sound, thermal insulation, and gap filling. As such, they are valuable additions to any hardware or safety kit.

The advantages of choosing 3m – 50m double-sided foam tape include the following:

  • Better shock absorption for improved performance
  • Vibration dampening
  • Correction of uneven surfaces for increased safety
  • Thermal sealing and temperature control

This highly versatile product can be easily adapted to various situations, making it a go-to choice for many applications and environments across multiple industries.

Our Selection of Foam Tapes at Tapes Online

At Tapes Online, we stock a selection of 3m – 50m black and white single and double-sided foam tape made with high-quality PVC. Our products are environmentally friendly as they are made with sustainable adhesives which offer excellent moisture resistance and temperature tolerance. The formation of dustproof and weatherproof seals when compressed ensures that our products yield an extremely high initial tack. This exceptional quality further reinforces why we at Tapes Online are Australia’s preferred suppliers of various tape products.

Items like our PVC Nitrile Foam Single-Sided Tape offers a variety of advantages, including:

  • UV resistance and protection against most chemicals
  • Durability and resistance to wear
  • Long-life acrylic adhesive
  • Dimensionally stable construction
  • High-temperature resistance

Learn More About Adhesive Foam Tape Today

Whether you are looking for 3m – 50m double-sided foam tape to reduce noise or adhesive foam tape for insulation, we have a design for you at Tapes Online. You can learn more about our selection of safety tapes, including cloth and foil variations, when you contact our team. Either submit an online enquiry with your details or call us directly at 1300 435 191.

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