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Denso Tape

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  • Corrosion Protection Tape
  • Suits up to 55 Degress C
  • Used in conjuction with Denso MP Primer, Denso Mastic and Denso PVC SA tape (Outerwrap)

For corrosion protection, sealing and waterproofing of metal above and below ground. Protection of pipeines, fittings, cables, tensioning members.

Denso Tape is part of the Denso Petrolatum System, a multi purpose corrosion protection system for pipes and fittings.

Component 1 - Denso Multi Purpose Primer

Component 2 - Denso Mastic (Used on flanges, joins etc)

Component 3 - Denso Tape

Compnent 4 - Denso PVC SA Tape (Outerwrap)

With Denso tape, spirally apply tape without stretching, heavy compound side to work. Apply with 55% overlap to acheive consistent full double thickness of tape. Smooth tape by hand as wrapping proceeds to exclude voids, ensure intimate contact and and seal tape overlaps. Select a tape width roughly equal to pipe diamteter. Maximum Service temperature 55 C. Where service temperatures exceed this limit, substitute with Densyl tape suitable up to a maximum of 75 C.


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Brown 100mm x 10m $22.68In stock
Brown 150mm x 10m $30.80In stock
Brown 300mm x 10m $67.90In stock

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