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Anti Slip Tapes

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Black / Luminescent
Fluoro Yellow
Glow in the dark
Yellow & Black


  • Self Adhesive
  • Premium quality Anti Slip Tape 
  • Coarse grit aluminium Oxide on PVC backing
  • Makes slippery surfaces safe
  • Indoor / outdoor use
  • Apply to smooth, clean, sealed surfaces
  • Black offers visual cue during the day that surface is slippery

 This coarse grit aluminium oxide on a PVC backing is designed for making potentially slippery surfaces safe. The product can be used both indoors and outdoors provided in it applied to a smooth, sealed surface. It can be applied to ramps to help give traction and can be used on steps or ladders, tailgates, gantries and raised walkways to improve footgrip and safety. 

  • Conform to AS4586 Australian Standard


Colour Size Price Availability
Black 100mm x 20m $77.75In stock
Black 25mm x 20m $21.50In stock
Black 50mm x 20m $38.90In stock
Black / Luminescent 50mm x 20m $43.10In stock
Fluoro Yellow 25mm x 20m $21.50In stock
Fluoro Yellow 50mm x 20m $38.90In stock
Glow in the dark 25mm x 20m $32.00In stock
White 24mm x 9m $26.90In stock
White 48mm x 9m $53.80In stock
Yellow & Black 50mm x 20m $43.10In stock
Yellow 25mm x 20m $19.90In stock
Yellow 50mm x 20m $36.00In stock

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