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PH7-70 ATG Tape (Acid Free)

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  • Acid Free (PH Neutral of 7.70)
  • For use with ATG Dispenser Guns

Standard ATG Tape should never come anywhere near the artwork - which is not a problem as most ATG is used to bond double mounts. However sometimes in a high quality framing job you will want to know that everything in the mount is Acid Free - This tape allows that. Our ATG PH7-70 is:

  • A Permanent Double Sided Scrim tape
  • Water based Acid Neutral Adhesive system
  • The adhesive will not react with sensitive boards or papers
  • Rolls will fit most normal ATG dispensers
  • High initial tack, adhesive non ageing and will not yellow

Ideal for adhering mats, moulding artwork, attaching dust covers, and many other acid free applications, where a permanent bond is preferred.


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Clear 12mm x 30m $15.90In stock
Clear 19mm x 30m $24.90In stock

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