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PH7-70 Acid Free Hinging Tape

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Colour: White
Size: 25mm x 66m


  • Acid Free (PH 7 Neutral)
  • Conservation Quality
  • Excellent Temperature / Ageing resistance
  • 66 Metre rolls

PH7-70 is a white, single sided, acid free (pH7 - neutral) adhesive paper tape.Our product has high initial grab, with excellent temperature resistance, which has not always been acheived from other acid free tapes to date. This adhesive system has been used in libraries and other conservation applications with excellent results.

Alternative to the Filmoplast P / Filmoplast P 90 tapes.

Uses include:

  • Hinging Art
  • Hinging Mounts
  • Lining Frame rebates
  • Frame Sealing

In addition PH7-70:

  • Has excellent ageing qualities
  • High initial grab - helpful for art on heavier paper
  • Excellent for textured, uneven and board surfaces
  • Self wound (no liner) faster working

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