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Black Double Sided Foam Tape

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  • Made In Germany
  • Environmentally friendly adhesive tape
  • Mounting light weight signs, nameplates, decals

12 , 18 and 24mm standard width. Double sided PE Foam Tape 1mm thickness. Permanent solvent free Environmentally Friendly adhesive on both sides of a medium density PE Black Foam Tape. The adhesive and Foam have excellent moisture resistance and a Temperature tolerance range of - 40 to 70+ Deg C . This Tape has been used for a wide array of applications and it`s closed cell construction forms a weatherproof / dustproof seal when compressed to 30% or greater and the adhesive has very high initial tack. Excellent quality Double Sided Foam Tape


Colour Thickness Size Price Availability
Black 1.1mm 12mm x 50m $19.90In stock
Black 1.1mm 18mm x 50m $29.90In stock
Black 1.1mm 24mm x 50m $39.90In stock
Black 1.1mm 50mm x 50M $83.12Out of stock
Black 3mm 12mm x 26m $19.40In stock
Black 3mm 18mm x 26m $29.10In stock
Black 3mm 24mm x 26m $38.80In stock
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