Kikusui 190 Double Sided Tape

Kikusui 190 Double Sided Tape

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- Double Sided Tissue Tape

- Used for many applications

- High Strength Long life Acrylic AdhesiveThe Kikusui 190 Double Sided Tape is widely known in the Australian market and used on a variety of applications including:

Permanent mounting of nameplates and badges.

* Laminating and mounting of foam products.

* Holding fabrics in blinds and awnings.

* Permanent mounting of signs and displays.

* Holds leather and fabrics during assembly and sewing.

* Preferred choice as Sailmaker€™s seamstick.

* Can be used on textured and embossed surfaces.

Total thickness: 0.11mm

Temperature Resistance: - 10 C to + 120 C


Colour Size Price Availability
White 12mm x 50m $8.90In stock
White 18mm x 50m $13.50In stock
White 24mm x 50m $16.90In stock
White 6mm x 50m $5.90In stock
White 9mm x 50m $7.10In stock

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