Black Structural Tape 9.5mm x 12mm x 7.6m

Black Structural Tape 9.5mm x 12mm x 7.6m

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High Strength Polyurethane Spacer for Structural Glazing

- Norton Brand

- Double Sided Adhesive

An open cell structure of the foam allows air and moisture to reach the silicone for optimum curing of silicone.

The polyurethane foam is compatible with all major silicones tested: Dow Corning SIKA, Tremco (Contact Us for a copy of report)

Excellent resistance to temperature variations, fungi and oxidation

Application Guide

  • All surfaces must be clean,dry,smooth and free of grease and contamination
  • Adhesion is very quick and increases over 24 hours
  • Accordingly,you must position the Tape as accurately as possible

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