Hazard Tapes

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Yellow & Black
Red & White Hazard Tape
Green & White Hazard Tape
Yellow & Black Hazard (Cloth Tape)


  • Striped version of floor marking tape
  • Tough Polymeric PVC backing (Back & Yellow also comes in a cloth version)
  • Aggressive rubber adhesive
  • Yellow and Black has Internationally recognised significance for identifying hazards (beams, edges, steps etc)

Hazard Tapes have Internationally recognised significance for improving occupational Health and Safety in public areas and the workplace. Used for creating a visual cue to indicate general hazards such as low beams,steps or stairs and tripping hazards.


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Yellow & Black 48mm x 33m $22.98In stock
Red & White Hazard Tape 48mm x 33m $22.98In stock
Green & White Hazard Tape 48mm x 33m $22.98In stock
Yellow & Black Hazard (Cloth Tape) 48mm x 33m $27.44Out of stock
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