Cloth Tape - (11 Colours)

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Black Matte
White Matte


  • Versatile Cloth Tape
  • Range of Vibrant colours
  • Hand tare-able
  • Many uses

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This versatile cloth is generally used as a repair tape and also for spine binding and covering surfaces. Easily hand torn it comes in a range of vibrant colours. Useful in the home, school, office and library. Cloth tapes can be used to give support and are useful for many strapping, binding and sealing applications and also as a Race Tape by Auto enthusiasts. Although all are waterproof, since they have two layers of PE on their upper surface.

Available in Black, White, Silver, Red, Yellow, Green, Blue and Beige.


Colour Size Price Availability
Black 48mm x 25m $16.10In stock
Black 72mm x 25m $24.05In stock
Black 96mm x 25m $30.65In stock
Black 150mm x 25m $42.80In stock
Black Matte 48mm x 25m $19.20In stock
Blue 48mm x 25m $16.10In stock
Blue 96mm x 25m $30.65In stock
Blue 200mm x 25m $50.95In stock
Green 48mm x 25m $16.10In stock
Orange 48mm x 25m $16.10In stock
Orange 96mm x 25m $23.00In stock
Orange 200mm x 25m $31.10In stock
Red 48mm x 25m $16.10In stock
Silver 48mm x 25m $16.10In stock
White 48mm x 25m $16.10In stock
White 72mm x 25m $24.05In stock
White 96mm x 25m $30.65In stock
White 150mm x 25m $42.80Out of stock
White Matte 48mm x 25m $17.80In stock
Yellow 48mm x 25m $16.10In stock
Beige 48mm x 25m $16.10In stock
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