Anti Slip Tapes

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Black / Luminescent
Fluoro Yellow
Glow in the dark
Yellow & Black


  • Self Adhesive
  • Premium quality Anti Slip Tape 
  • Coarse grit aluminum Oxide on PVC backing
  • Makes slippery surfaces safe
  • Indoor / outdoor use
  • Apply to smooth, clean, sealed surfaces
  • Black offers visual cue during the day that surface is slippery

 This coarse grit aluminum oxide on a PVC backing is designed for making potentially slippery surfaces safe. The product can be used both indoors and outdoors provided it is applied to a smooth, sealed surface. It can be applied to ramps to help give traction and can be used on steps or ladders, tailgates, gantries and raised walkways to improve foot grip and safety. 

  • Conforms to AS4586 Australian Standard


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Black 100mm x 20m $81.64In stock
Black 25mm x 20m $22.58In stock
Black 50mm x 20m $40.85In stock
Black / Luminescent 50mm x 20m $45.26In stock
Fluoro Yellow 25mm x 20m $22.58In stock
Fluoro Yellow 50mm x 20m $40.85In stock
Glow in the dark 25mm x 20m $33.60In stock
White 24mm x 9m $28.25In stock
White 48mm x 9m $56.49In stock
Yellow & Black 50mm x 20m $41.48In stock
Yellow 25mm x 20m $20.90In stock
Yellow 50mm x 20m $37.80In stock
Grey 50mm x 20m $119.39In stock
Grey 25mm x 20m $59.70In stock
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